I have the wonderful opportunity to present 5 sessions at DevLink 2012. If you’re going, I would like to meet up and chat. I will also attend (travel plans permitting) the Windows 8 Developer Camp hosted by Jennifer Marsman the day before. Registration for that event is separate from DevLink and can be found at http://win8devcampchat.eventbrite.com/.

Using Contracts to Integrate with the Windows 8 Experience

Contracts are a new addition with Windows 8 Metro apps that provide a great user experience. For example, users want to Share information in a variety of ways and Windows 8 Metro Contracts allow for that. Come learn about how these Contracts work and how to implement built-in Contracts like Search, Share, PlayTo and Settings.

Using Azure with Windows Phone and Windows 8!

With phones, tablets and other devices exploding in market share, it’s important to know what technologies and tools will help you develop better applications. These devices are often short on processing power and storage, which is where Azure can really help out. Come see what it’s like to use Azure with Windows Phone and Windows 8, including examples with push notifications, storage and authentication for both platforms and a Metro application using the Azure Service Bus.

Parallel Programming in .NET and WinRT

Parallel programming remains a difficult task, but Microsoft keeps making things easier for developers. With the various constructs available, like the addition of the Task Parallel Library in .NET 4, it is important to know what is appropriate for different situations. Devices continue to gain cores and the cloud offers easily distributed computing, so developers should understand how to utilize the environments. Come for a walk-through of how and when to use these constructs, whether that is a mobile device, desktop application or the web. The examples will be C# focused, with JavaScript and F# discussed too.

Node.js, Java, PHP and Python with Azure? Why yes!

New languages and technologies keep finding their way to Azure. Need a Node.js web application? Want to use Eclipse and Java? Have an existing PHP application and want to move it to the cloud? All of these are possible and more! Come see how you can accomplish amazing things with Azure!

How to Ride the Service Bus with Azure

Do you like a loosely coupled architecture? Are you considering a hybrid application between the cloud and on-premise solutions? Are you building mobile applications with notifications and events? The Azure Service Bus can make your life much easier!

Keith Burnell and I will be hosting an Azure and MVC Boot Camp on Friday, June 22nd, 2012 at UW-Fox Valley. You can register at http://azureandmvcbootcamp.eventbrite.com/.

Azure and MVC Boot Camp

Spend a day with some of the nation’s leading web and cloud experts building an ASP.NET MVCweb application that runs in Windows Azure and hosts data in SQL Azure and/or Azure Storage. Together we will build an ASP.NET MVC web application using Razor, jQuery and OData that will be hosted in Windows Azure using several of Azure’s service offerings. We will explore web roles, cloud storage, SQL Azure, and common scenarios. We will show you how to sign up for free time in the cloud and even cover what should not be moved to cloud.

We will save time for open Q&A.

This will be a hands-on event where you will need a laptop configured with the required pieces.

Lunch and prizes will be provided.

ACTION ITEMS PRIOR TO ATTENDING THE EVENT to make the best use of your time at the Windows Azure/ASP.NET MVC Kick Start Event, you must prepare the following requirements before the event:

* WiFi will be accessible on campus, but please download the prerequisites prior to the event.

* Power jacks are available on the top of each desk.