My first exposure to HoloLens was at Microsoft BUILD 2015. I was lucky enough to get hands on and walk through the architecture demo. One of my colleagues was able to do the X-Wing demo, which sounded great, but I can’t find a video of it. During the Build keynote, Microsoft also showcased some medical uses and of course, gaming.

Over the next year, I was fortunate to get hands on a few more times, for example when the HoloLens Road Show came to Chicago. The demo was called Project X-Ray, a game that had robots coming out of the walls and shooting at you. X-Ray was the first time I was surprised at how accurate the spatial sound worked. The game is now called RoboRaid, is available from the Windows Store, and is a great first exposure to the HoloLens. Another great hands on experience came at the Microsoft Campus during the Microsoft MVP Summit. We got to see where the magic happens and mess around with some in-development apps.


At Microsoft BUILD 2016, Microsoft announced multiple user support, meaning that more than one person can view the same holographic scene in a shared experience. This is accomplished using a server over WiFi. Microsoft was gracious enough to provide the source code to all of the HoloLens Academy attendees. Here’s a short video of my HoloLens Academy.

I was picked to be part of Wave 1 of HoloLens development kit shipments and I certainly took advantage of that purchasing 2 of them. I’ll be posting about my experiences with the HoloLens as my journey continues!

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