As part of Wave 1 with the HoloLens Development Kits, I thought it might be interesting to see what the shipment contains. It’s worth noting that the shipment requires signature, so the box won’t be sitting on your doorstep unattended.

The packaging and materials for shipment are first rate.

hololens-unboxing-IMG_0687 HoloLens Box Unopened hololens-unboxing-IMG_0696

On to opening the main package already! Microsoft provided a great carrying case for the HoloLens. After all, it won’t be easy to get a replacement for some time.

hololens main package opened hololens main package under the case hololens case open

The HoloLens fits snugly into the case making it secure for transport. The center of the case is used for storing the accessories. Besides the main package, there is a smaller package containing the HoloLens Clicker. The clicker is used as a bluetooth paired device to send signals to the HoloLens instead of using your finger for the AirTap gesture.

hololens-unboxing-IMG_0704 HoloLens Accessories hololens clicker box unopened

Looking more closely at the HoloLens accessories, there is a power adapter that is a standard micro-USB to USB cable with wall adapter. There is a cleaning cloth for the lens, an optional head strap and a replacement nose piece. In my previous experiences with the HoloLens, I haven’t found a need for the optional head strap.

HoloLens removed from case

Getting to see the actual HoloLens out of the case! The lightweight, wireless, solidly constructed device is an amazing piece of revolutionary technology.

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